Arms Laws

In India the primary law governing the acquisition, possession, use, sale, trade, etc. of all types of arms & ammunition is the Arms Act, 1959 and the rules made thereunder (the Arms Rules, 1962). You can download a complete copy of this in PDF format (updated with amendments up to 2014).

pdf iconArms Act 1959 & Arms Rules, 1962

OR you can read the online version below.

THE ARMS ACT, 1959 with The Arms Rules, 1962



1. Short title, extent and commencement
2. Definitions and interpretation


3. Licence for acquisition and possession of firearms and ammunition
4. Licence for acquisition and possession of arms of specified description in certain cases
5. Licence for manufacture, sale, etc., of arms and ammunition
6. Licence for the shortening of guns or conversion of imitation firearms into firearms
7. Prohibition of acquisition or possession, or of manufacture or sale of prohibited arms or prohibited ammunition
8. Prohibition of sale of transfer of firearms not bearing identification marks
9. Prohibition of acquisition or possession by, or of sale or transfer to, young persons and certain other persons of firearms, etc.
10. Licence for import and export of arms, etc.
11. Power to prohibit import or export of arms, etc.
12. Power to restrict or prohibit transport of arms


13. Grant of licences
14. Refusal of licences
15. Duration and renewal of licence
16. Fees, etc. for licence
17. Variation, suspension and revocation of licences
18. Appeals


19. Power to demand production of licence, etc.
20. Arrest of persons conveying arms, etc., under suspicious circumstances
21. Deposit of arms, etc., on possession ceasing to be lawful
22. Search and seizure by magistrate
23. Search of vessels, vehicles arms, etc.
24. Seizure and detention under orders of the Central Government
24A. Prohibition as to possession of notified arms in disturbed areas, etc.
24B. Prohibition as to carrying of notified arms in or through public places in disturbed areas, etc.


25. Punishment for certain offences
26. Secret contraventions
27. Punishment for Using arms, etc.,
28. Punishment for use and possession of firearms or imitation firearms in certain cases
29. Punishment for knowingly purchasing arms, etc., from unlicensed person or for delivering arms, etc., to person not entitled to possess the same
30. Punishment for contravention of licence or rule
31. Punishment for subsequent offences
32. Power to confiscate
33. Offences by companies


34. Sanction of Central Government for warehousing of arms
35. Criminal responsibility of persons in occupation of premises in certain cases
36. Information to be given regarding certain offences
37. Arrest and searches
38. Offences to be cognizable
39. Previous sanction of the district magistrate necessary in certain cases
40. Protection of action taken in good faith
41. Power to exempt
42. Power of take census of firearms
43. Power to delegate
44. Power to make rules
45. Act not to apply in certain cases.
46. Repeal of Act 11 of 1878

THE Arms Rules 1962

1. Short title
2. Interpretation
3. Classification of arms or ammunition
4. Licensing authority and forms of licenses
5. Appellate authorities
6. Reasons to be communicated to the appellate authority in certain cases
7. Direction and control over licensing authorities
8. Restriction in granting licenses for acquisition, possession or carrying of arms or ammunition of Category-I
9. Copies of Licenses of Categories I and II to be sent to certain authorities
10. Possession of arms or ammunition for certain purposes to include use thereof
11. Restriction maybe imposed by Central Government
12. 3[***]
13. Of retainer
14. Licences for protection of crops and cattle
15. License for target practice
16. Age limit for training and target practice
17. Traveller’s (temporary) license
18. Application of Sec. 4 of the Act
19. Arms other than fire arms
20. Manufacture, conversion, shortening, repair, test, sale etc. of arms or ammunition
21. Conversion, repair, text, sale, etc.
22. Proof testing of firearms
23. Licensing authorities to furnish information to the Distt. Magistrate
24. Sale or keeping for sale certain arms and ammunition
25. Identification marks on fire-arms
26. Records of transaction in arms and ammunition
27. Inspection of premises, stock and record
28. Restrictions upon import or export for re-import of arms or ammunition
29. Import by sea or air
30. Vessels entering the territorial waters of India
31. Imported by land or river of arms and ammunition
32. Bringing of arms or ammunition into India by “bona fide” tourists
33. Of Exports
34. Export by land or river of arms and ammunition
35. Export and re-import of arms and ammunition by sea or air
36. Arms or ammunition to be delivered to Customs Collector in Certain cases
37. Prohibition to transport of arms and ammunition
38. Transport of arms or ammunition
39. Licence for import, transport, and re-export of arms and ammunition
40. Scrutiny by authorities of consignment containing arms and ammunition
41. Production and delivery of licence for import/export/ transport
42. Import, transport and export of arms and ammunition for the Government of Nepal or the King of Nepal
43. Transport of arms from any place in Nepal to any other place in Nepal through Indian Territory
44. Transit licences for bona fide travellers
45. Licence to keep in custody arms and ammunition
46. Deposit of arms and ammunition under Sec. 21
47. Deposit of arms and ammunition for safe custody otherwise than under Sec. 21.
48. Records and returns of the articles deposited
49. Inspection
50. Previous consent in certain cases
51. Application for licence
51-A.- The applicant shall not suppress any factual information or furnish any false or wrong information in the application form.
52. Form of licences
53. Variation of conditions of licences
54. Renewal of licences
55. Appeal against the order of a licensing authority or an authority suspending or revoking a licence under Sec. 17 (6)
56. Procedure to be followed by the appellate authority
57. Fees payable for licences
58. Fee payable for copies and duplicates
59. Fee payable on a petition for appeal made under Sec. 18 (1)
60. Collection of fees
61. Dealers to maintain registers, etc. in certain cases
62. Production of licences
63. Production of arms
64. Savings
FORM I — Licence for— (a) acquisition, possession/ import and transport of fire-arms or ammunition of categories I (A) and II; and (b) import of fire-arms and ammunition of categories I(B), I(C), I(D)

FORM II — Licence for acquisition and possession of arms and ammunition of categories III(B), III(C), III(D), V or VI 87

FORM III — Licence for the acquisition, possession and carrying of arms or ammunition for sport/ protection/display

FORM III A — Licence for possession and carrying by a retainer of arms or ammunition for the purpose of sport/ protection/ display

FORM III B — Permit

FORM IV — Licence for acquisition/ possession and carrying of arms or ammunition for destruction of wild animals which do injury to human beings or cattle

FORM V — Licence for the acquisition/ possession and carrying of arms or ammunition for the protection of crops or cattle

FORM VI — Licence for acquisition/ possession and use for the purpose of target practice of fire-arms or ammunition

FORM VII — Licence for carrying arms or ammunition on a journey in or throughout any part of India
FORM VIII — Traveller’s (temporary) licence for the possession and carrying of arms or ammunition for the duration of his journey from the port or other place of his arrival in India to the place of his destination in India

FORM IX —- Licence to —- (1) Manufacture, (2) Convert, shorten, repair or test (other than proof-test), sell or transfer, keep for sale or transfer, conversion, repair or test of arms or ammunition

FORM X — Licence for proof-test and keeping for proof-test of fire-arms

FORM XI — 1[Licence to 2[convert fire-arms], repair, test (other than proof-test), sell or transfer or keep for sale, repair or test, or transfer arms or ammunition of categories I(B), I(C), I(D), III(A), III(B), III(C), III(D), V and VI]

FORM XII — Licence to sell, transfer or test (other than proof-test) and keep for sale, transfer or test, arms or ammunition of categories I(B), I(C), III(A), III(B), III(C), III(D) and V

FORM XIII —- Licence to sell, transfer or test (other than proof-test) and keep for sale, transfer or test, arms or ammunition of categories III(C), III(D) and V or VI

FORM XIV — Licence for the possession by holders of licences in Form IX, Form XI, Form XII or Form XIII of arms or ammunition deposited by their owners under section 21 of the Act, or for safe keeping


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