The tag line of this blog "Si vis pacem, para bellum!" - Latin for "If you wish for peace, prepare for war!" pretty much says it all. Gun rights is currently a much maligned & ignored civil rights issue in India. This blog, in conjuntion with the www.indiansforguns.com forum is our attempt to raise awareness on this very important issue.

If you wish to know more about me, you may visit the "Personal" section on this site.

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04 August 10 - 11:22NRA News interviews NAGRI President

Last week Cameron Gray of NRA News interviewed the President of NAGRI - Rahoul Rai and myself, click "more" below to see the video. (more)

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28 July 10 - 14:53Can you trust a government that does not trust you?

does your government trust you

Image courtesy: http://olegvolk.net/

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24 July 10 - 07:56Another excellent poster by Oleg Volk

citizens have a right to be armed

Courtesy: http://olegvolk.net/

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11 July 10 - 18:06NAGRI - Membership now OPEN!

In mid January, at the inaugural meeting of the National Association for Gun Rights India (NAGRI), we took the first steps towards building a nationwide organisation to represent the concerns & fight for the rights of not just arms licensees & arms license aspirants but in fact all freedom loving citizens of India. In the intervening period there has been much work done by several dedicated individuals and NAGRI is now ready to initiate Public Interest Litigation, as our first big step towards realising the goals we have set for ourselves.

We are now finally also at a point where we are able to open membership to all those interested in joining hands towards fulling our shared goals and we request you to please SHARE the form and details of NAGRI with as many people as you can and bring on board all those who support our cause.

To enable the largest number of people to participate it has been decided to waive off admission & membership fees for the FIRST YEAR.

For all those interested in joining, the form & instructions can be downloaded at http://www.gunowners.in/nagri_form.pdf

One again, please share this information far & wide and do try and sign up as many interested people as possible.

The future of gun ownership in India is NOW IN YOUR HANDS.

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1. Negating the constitutional right of every citizen to protect his/ her life and property by denying them the tools to do so

2. Glossing over & trying to divert attention from the ineptitude of the State in combating lawlessness by targeting law abiding citizens who are Arms License Holders/ License Seekers by equating them with common criminals and anti-national elements, in spite of the fact that the statistics published Home Ministry prove that an insignificant number of crimes are committed by Arms License Holders. Overwhelming majority of crime committed using other arms or illegal arms – as criminals & anti-national elements DO NOT bother to apply for Arms Licenses

3. Creating a class of haves & have nots by providing exemptions for VIPs & VVIPs, in effect recognising and institutionalising a class system under the law, which is supposed to apply to all persons equally without fear or favour

4. The Right to Keep & Bear Arms promised to all Indians as a Fundamental Right as per the (All Party) Nehru Report of 1928, as well as by the 1931 Karachi resolution adopted by the Congress. Finally enshrined as a Legal Right as per the Arms Act 1959, which can be ascertained by the objectives of the Act. Proposed amendments seek to completely undermine this right, in effect leaving common citizens at the mercy of all manner of criminals & anti-national elements

5. Hon'able courts have recognised this as a right, by equating the right to keep & bear arms to Article 21 of the Indian Constitution

6. All India Arms License Endorsement to be made almost impossible for the average citizen, in effect curtailing a citizens Fundamental Right to protect life, liberty & property AS WELL as Fundamental Right to freedom of movement

7. Multiple proposals within the proposed amendments will lead to increased harassment of honest law abiding citizens and eventually promote corruption

8. Proposed centralised database of all Arms License holders, nothing but a cleverly veiled attempt at undermining individual State's authority by encroaching on the state subject of Law & Order, AS WELL as treating all Arms Licensees as potential criminals and terrorists, effectively crushing their personal privacy and opening them up to constant harassment & needless government surveillance

9. Completely ignores demands by the public to make arms licensing easier, as considering the current security environment in the country, anyone anywhere can become the victim of random acts of violence or terror. Did the victims of 26/11 in Mumbai have any premonition of what was going to happen? Did they not have a right to be arms and prepared? Could they not have better defended themselves, instead of waiting for security forces that took hours to arrive?

10. Strict licensing for semi-auto rifles & shotguns is a backward looking policy, considering that criminals & anti-national forces have easy & cheap access to fully automatic firearms in the black market and they are NOT lining up to get licenses for the same

11. Arms Licensing process should be made free & fair based on transparent objective criteria and not made stricter, as citizens today face more threats than they did 50 years ago

12. Indians found it easier to procure Arms Licenses as slaves under the British Empire than they do today, it is a national shame that our democratically elected government of the people, by the people and for the people DOES NOT TRUST THE PEOPLE!

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02 January 10 - 13:46Draconian new amendments - request for action

As some of you are aware the Ministry of Home Affairs is planning on amending the existing Arms policy and this will make things worse than they already are for all of us who love guns & shooting and who wish to live in a truly free country! In case you are unaware of the proposed changes, kindly take a look at the document titled "Proposed Arms and Ammo Policy" which is available at http://www.mha.nic.in/pdfs/DAAM-PolicyIndividuals-211209.pdf

There is a prepared text below addressed to Shri S.K Malhotra. The same text is also available as downloadable files in various formats (to suit everyone's tastes and to make it easier to print/ copy/ paste/ edit etc.), which can be downloaded from:

http://www.indiansforguns.com/draft_objections.pdf (Acrobat PDF document format)
http://www.indiansforguns.com/draft_objections.rtf (Rich Text Format, editable in most office programs)
http://www.indiansforguns.com/draft_objections.txt (plain text format, editable in any text editor)
http://www.indiansforguns.com/draft_objections.odt (Open Office document format, editable)

You can send in the prepared text as it is, or use it as a base to prepare your own individual objections. Irrespective of what you choose to do, PLEASE DO send in your objections without fail. This is not any one individuals battle, but in stead a matter which AFFECTS ALL OF US, do not take this lightly.

Vikram's excellent article (which I would suggest everyone attach as an enclosure), continues to be freely downloadable at:

All of the above can be freely downloaded by members/ non-members.

Please e-mail this along with the attached Right To Protection document to S.K. Malhotra at:

[email protected]

Also, please CC the same e-mail to:

P. Chidamabaram: [email protected]
Sonia Gandhi: [email protected]
Arun Jaitley: [email protected]
Sushma Swaraj: [email protected]

You should also copy the prepared text to the Prime Minister at [email protected] (more)

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30 September 09 - 20:11Right to Protection

A close friend and moderator at www.indiansforguns.com, Vikram Kona, has written an excellent essay titled:
Right to Protection - A Fundamental Responsibility & Failure of the Indian State.

Vikram takes Indian crime statistics over the past several decades and other government government published data, to completely expose the failure of the Indian state in it's duty to protect citizens. To add insult to injury, neither will the state allow citizens the means to protect themselves! A must read, you can either download the article in PDF format from here >>> OR see the complete discussion on www.indiansforguns.com.

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10 December 08 - 09:22Mumbai's Harsh Lesson on Gun Control

People across the globe watched in shock as the terror attack on Mumbai unfolded on television screens everywhere. The meticulous planning and the sheer audacity of the attacks stunned the world and, in the final analysis, set the stage for a pure human tragedy: 195 lives lost, many times that number seriously injured, and hundreds of families scarred forever.

The terrorists targeted iconic landmarks like the busy CST railway terminus, two luxury hotels, a local Jewish outreach centre, a cafe, and a hospital. They placed bombs in taxis and other locations. All of these attacks occurred almost simultaneously, compounding the confusion and completely exposing the inept emergency services.

Now as the citizens of Mumbai go about the business of rebuilding their burnt out landmarks and trying to heal shattered lives, the emotions of a nation turn from horror to anger at being let down by those very people whose duty it was to protect them. But instead of playing the blame game it is time for the citizens of India to pause and try to understand why was it that these merchants of terror succeeded so well in their dastardly enterprise and how culpable are we for creating the circumstances which multiplied the magnitude of this tragedy many fold. After all, this was only a group of ten terrorists and those ten were mostly split into teams of two each, to enable them to cover several locations simultaneously. Why were they not stopped sooner? Did so many people really have to die? (more)

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09 06 06 02:00Indians for guns

Indians for guns (formerly Indians4guns) has a new home!

Indians For Guns

Check out this brand new India specific pro-gun forum here.

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14 05 06 22:55How to meditate

Interesting site on how to meditate, called www.how-to-meditate.org. Check it out here

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12 05 06 18:11Kamat's Potpourri

Kamat's Potpourri is a hodge-podge of India's History, Culture, and Diversity. A Nice place to go to especially if you are interesed in India and India specific blogs. Check it out at www.kamat.org

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22 04 05 13:44PostSecret

A truly unique Blog! Will appeal to the (hidden??) voyeuristic side of your personality.... ;-)


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06 04 05 04:4923 Rules for Rockstar Startups

Shanti lists out 23 rules for making your startup a roaring success - a must read. ;-)

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23 01 05 13:13Indians4Guns

Indians 4 Guns is India's own eGroup for technical discussion about firearms, firearm advocacy, gun rights, RKBA (Right to Keep and Bear Arms) and shooting sports in India. This group is intended to provide answers to frequently asked questions both on guns and about gun ownership in India.

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27 12 04 22:33Indian Air-Rifles

The Indian Hume Pipe Company - These guys manufacture & supply the best air-rifles in the domestic Indian market.

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26 12 04 22:55I'm in "The New Gun Week"

The following article by yours truly was published in "The New Gun Week" 10 Dec 2004 issue: "Gun Rights in Modern India: Colonial Roots of Gun Control". The original was posted by me here in October 2004.

The article can also be viewed in the Gun Week archives here.

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