The tag line of this blog "Si vis pacem, para bellum!" - Latin for "If you wish for peace, prepare for war!" pretty much says it all. Gun rights is currently a much maligned & ignored civil rights issue in India. This blog, in conjuntion with the www.indiansforguns.com forum is our attempt to raise awareness on this very important issue.

If you wish to know more about me, you may visit the "Personal" section on this site.

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08 July 06 - 01:49Microsoft is a software pirate!

Oooh! I simply love this one! :-D PC Welt (a German magazine) carries this amazing article titled "Did Microsoft use Warez for Windows XP?". For the uninitiated refers to / copies of . You can read the original article in German here or the English version here.

In a nutshell, someone at used to make some of the audio files for the Media Player tour. What's ironic is that , the quintessential retailer of proprietary "closed source" and a rabid advocate has been caught in the act of using a copy of a US $400 audio encoding .

And don’t take my word for it, see for yourself: -

Open notepad in Windows.
Select open and goto your Windows Directory (usually C:\Windows\).
Open the "Help" sub-directory.
Open the "Tours" sub-directory.
Open the "WindowsMediaPlayer" sub-directory.
Open the "Audio" sub-directory.
Open the "Wav" sub-directory.
Select any one of those files.

Instead of playing them in MediaPlayer or any other audio software, open the file in Notepad. Now scroll all the way to the bottom.

See those strings "SoundForge 4.5" and "Deepz0ne"? Yep, this means that the file was created with a cracked version of Soundforge, cracked by a cracker called Deepz0ne. Good show Microsoft! Always knew we could rely on you guys for ethical business practices! :-P LOL

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09 June 06 - 01:20Software Wars

A caricature of the strategic map for the ongoing software wars... It would be funny, if it weren't for FUD, SCO and the other illegal WMD's being employed by one side... hmmm, reminds one of "Dubyaman" and his blatantly unethical style of doing things! :-P

Software wars

Check out the original here.

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08 June 06 - 20:10Stop IE!!

STOP IE! If you're tired of hearing your friends and acquaintances telling you that Internet Explorer is probably the best thing since sliced bread, look no further! This is an entire site listing out the many flaws in Internet Explorer - bugs, security vulnerabilities, non-compliance to web standards etc. Of course you can find all of this information at other websites and online forums BUT number ONE - it is all in one place AND number TWO they point you to the alternatives available, in a very objective manner.

Check it out here.

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15 May 06 - 00:54Is Microsoft ready to make its first major fumble?

Interesting post titled "Is Microsoft's Vista the new QuarkXPress?". The author makes a direct comparison with how Quark missed the bus when Apple released the new Mac OS X with Microsoft and its fumblings with its next Windows version code named Vista. He begins with "after a decade of dominance, the company (Quark) stumbled, leaving the door open for serious competition just as Adobe was introducing a strong competing product. Is Microsoft about to do the same?" and goes on to elaborate in detail how the two situations are so very similar...

Overall an excellent piece!

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06/09/2006 02:00:00 06/09/2006 02:00:00Indians for guns

Indians for guns (formerly Indians4guns) has a new home!

Indians For Guns

Check out this brand new India specific pro-gun forum here.

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05/14/2006 22:55:00 05/14/2006 22:55:00How to meditate

Interesting site on how to meditate, called www.how-to-meditate.org. Check it out here

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05/12/2006 18:11:00 05/12/2006 18:11:00Kamat's Potpourri

Kamat's Potpourri is a hodge-podge of India's History, Culture, and Diversity. A Nice place to go to especially if you are interesed in India and India specific blogs. Check it out at www.kamat.org

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04/22/2005 13:44:00 04/22/2005 13:44:00PostSecret

A truly unique Blog! Will appeal to the (hidden??) voyeuristic side of your personality.... ;-)


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04/06/2005 04:49:00 04/06/2005 04:49:0023 Rules for Rockstar Startups

Shanti lists out 23 rules for making your startup a roaring success - a must read. ;-)

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01/23/2005 13:13:00 01/23/2005 13:13:00Indians4Guns

Indians 4 Guns is India's own eGroup for technical discussion about firearms, firearm advocacy, gun rights, RKBA (Right to Keep and Bear Arms) and shooting sports in India. This group is intended to provide answers to frequently asked questions both on guns and about gun ownership in India.

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12/27/2004 22:33:00 12/27/2004 22:33:00Indian Air-Rifles

The Indian Hume Pipe Company - These guys manufacture & supply the best air-rifles in the domestic Indian market.

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12/26/2004 22:55:00 12/26/2004 22:55:00I'm in "The New Gun Week"

The following article by yours truly was published in "The New Gun Week" 10 Dec 2004 issue: "Gun Rights in Modern India: Colonial Roots of Gun Control". The original was posted by me here in October 2004.

The article can also be viewed in the Gun Week archives here.

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12/26/2004 19:44:00 12/26/2004 19:44:00Bugmenot.com

Bugmenot.com - Bypass compulsory web registration. They have usernames & passwords available for most of the popular websites AND it's FREE!

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