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From time to time, I'll be publishing some of my articles online. Feel free to distribute any of the material , you see here, so long as you cite the source. Currently you may download the following:

Gun Ownership in India

I live in India and I am a proud firearm owner - but I am the exception not the norm, an odd situation in a country with a proud martial heritage and a long history of firearm innovation. This is not because the people of India are averse to gun ownership, but instead due to Draconian anti-gun legislation going back to colonial times....more»

(This article was published in The New Gun Week, 10th December 2004 issue)

Corporate Web Presence - An Indian Perspective

Much has been written, rewritten - ad infinitum, about the Internet as a medium of the future. Despite a variety of views being expressed on this subject, almost all analysts agree that....more»

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The end of TV as we know it?

With the Indian government's recent decision to allow private companies to own and operate their own gateways to the Internet, it wont be long before we start seeing broadband Internet access making inroads into....more»

(This article was published in The Economic Times (Networked section), 23rd November 2000 issue)

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