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Arms Forms/ Applications

Different forms and applications under the Indian Arms Act and Arms Rules:

  1. Applying for a new Arms Licence:
  1. Form for application for an Arms License (to be applied in duplicate) i.e. Form A
  2. Form for depositing Licence Fee i.e. Challan Receipt (Instead of 32-A Challan Form used previously)
  3. Licence Copy i.e. Form III (Currently not available)
  4. Form for Police Report
  5. Sample Affidavit (Currently not available)
  1. Authority Letters:
  1. For taking delivery of Arms and Ammunition on behalf of licensee
  2. For carrying Arms, for Repairs on behalf of licensee
  3. For carrying Arms, for Sale on behalf of licensee (Currently not available)
  4. For renewing Arms License on behalf of licensee
  5. For purchasing Ammunition on behalf of licensee
  1. Indian Ordnance Factory (IOF) Booking forms - This will take you to the relevant IOF webpage
  2. Affidavit (For the Sale of Arms/ Ammunition)
  3. 45 - Days Sale Notice (Mandatory under Sec 5 (2) of Arms Act 1959 before sale of your personal weapon)
  4. Sale Certificate(Currently not available)
  5. Application for Entry of Weapon in Arms License
  6. Application for Deletion of Weapon from Arms License
  7. Application for Extension of Arms License "Purchase Period"
  8. Application for Renewal of Arms License
  9. No Objection Certificate
  10. Form for Depositing Licence Fee. i.e. Challan Receipt (Instead of 32-A Challan Form used previously)
  11. License for Carrying Arms and Ammunition on a Journey in or through any Part of India i.e. Form VII
  12. License for Import of Arms and Ammunition i.e. Form XVI
  13. License for Export and Re-Import/Import, Transport and Re-Export of Arms and Ammunition i.e. Form XIX
  14. License for the Transport of Arms and Ammunition i.e. Form XX


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