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Indian Arms Act 1959

Chapter I - Preliminary

  1. Short title, extent and commencement
  2. Definitions

Chapter II - Acquisition, Possession, Manufacture, Sale, Import, Export & Transport of Arms and Ammunition

  1. Licence for acquisition and possession of firearms and ammunition
  2. Licence for acquisition and possession of arms of specified description in certain cases
  3. Licence for manufacture, sale, etc., of arms and ammunition
  4. Licence for the shortening of guns or conversion of imitation firearms into firearms
  5. Prohibition of acquisition or possession, or of manufacture or sale, of prohibited arms or prohibited ammunition
  6. Prohibition of sale or transfer of firearms not bearing identification marks
  7. Prohibition of acquisition or possession by, or of sale or transfer to young persons and certain other persons of fire arms, etc.
  8. Licence for import and export of arms, etc.
  9. Power to prohibit import or export of arms, etc.
  10. Power to restrict or prohibit transport of arms

Chapter III - Provisions relating to licenses

  1. Grant of licenses
  2. Refusal of licenses
  3. Duration and renewal of licence
  4. Fees, etc., for licence
  5. Variation, suspension and revocation of licenses
  6. Appeals

Chapter IV - Powers and Procedures

  1. Power to demand production of licence, etc.
  2. Arrest of persons conveying arms, etc., under suspicious circumstances
  3. Deposit of arms, etc., on possession ceasing to be lawful
  4. Search and seizure by magistrate
  5. Search of vessels, vehicles for arms, etc.
  6. Seizure and detention under orders of the Central Government

24A. Prohibition as to possession of notified arms in disturbed areas, etc.
24B. Prohibition as to carrying of notified arms in or through public places in disturbed areas, etc.

Chapter V - Offences and Penalties

  1. Punishment for certain offences
  2. Secret contraventions
  3. Punishment for using arms, etc.
  4. Punishment for use and possession of firearms or imitation firearms in certain cases
  5. Punishment for knowingly purchasing arms, etc., from unlicensed person or for delivering arms, etc., to person not entitled to possess the same
  6. Punishment for contravention of licence or rule
  7. Punishment for subsequent offences
  8. Power to confiscate
  9. Offence by companies

Chapter VI - Miscellaneous

  1. Sanction of the Central Government for Warehousing of Arms
  2. Criminal responsibility of persons in occupation of premises in certain cases
  3. Information to be given regarding certain offences
  4. Arrest and searches
  5. Offences to be cognizable
  6. Previous sanction of the district magistrate necessary in certain cases
  7. Protection of action taken in good faith
  8. Power to exempt
  9. Power to take census of firearms
  10. Power to delegate
  11. Power to make rules
  12. Act not to apply in certain cases
  13. Repeal of Act 11 of 1878


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