Govt. of India quietly notifies new Arms Rules 2016

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has quietly notified a new set of Arms Rules, which are set to substantially change the legal position of gun ownership in India.

These new “Arms Rules 2016” were notified with effect from 15th July 2016, but only became available on the egazette website on 21st July 2016.

A cursory read reveals that the mandarins at the ministry have not applied any reason or logic while drafting these rules. Replicas, blank guns, paintball markers and pellet guns are ALL to be now treated the same as firearms – requiring an arms license, failing which the penalties would be the same as those for a terrorist/ criminal in possession of an AK 47 (7 to 14 years behind bars)!!!

You can download these news rules (in Hindi & English) by going to the Indians For Guns website.

More once I’ve had a chance to go through these rules in detail.

  • Ra.

    Could you please tell me when these were tabled in Parliament?

    • mundaire

      They will be tabled in the next session, however they have been notified by the government and are therefore in force as of today!

      • Er Manoj Negi

        Can you please let me know the date when these new arms rules were tabled in Parliament?

        • mundaire

          02 August 2016

  • Kamaljhajharia

    if a person without arm attack me can i use pistol in self defense.
    is there any rule in indian law about use of weapon in self defense.


    • mundaire

      If you fear severe bodily harm (or death) to yourself or others, you can use lethal force in the execution of your right to self defence. Whether the attacker(s) are armed or not is not material, though if they are it is much easier to later on prove that the use of lethal force was justified.