Italian Mayor subsidizes gun ownership

A couple of years back we were greeted with this image of (the then) Prime Ministerial candidate Shri. Narendra Modi performing “shashtra pooja” (worship of arms) on the occasion of Vijaya Dashmi.

Narendra Modi performing shashtra pooja at his residence

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One had hoped that with him taking guard at the centre, the Government of India’s policies on civilian firearm ownership would see positive change.

While that has yet to happen, I read a very heartening article today about a Mayor in Italy offering a direct subsidy towards encouraging citizens’ purchase of firearms.

Mayor Gianluca Buonanno of Borgosesia in Piedmont, northern Italy

The good Mayor is offering to pay citizens €250 towards the cost of purchasing a gun. He stated his move was towards allowing people to “defend themselves”.

He has also gone so far as to ask the European Commission to set up a similar fund. The money offered is about 30 per cent of the cost of a small pistol in Italy.

What do you think about this program?

Do you think the Government of India’s policies of artificially inflating the prices of LEGAL firearms and ammunition is detrimental to the safety of law abiding citizens?

After all India is probably the only country in the world where it is substantially cheaper (by many times) to purchase an illegal firearm, as compared to a similar licensed & legal firearm!