Armed citizen successfully defends himself

All those naysayers who say that armed citizens are unable/ incapable of effectively defending themselves, please have a look at this.

EDIT: There are some interesting lessons to be gained here. Did you notice:

1. The victim’s mock surrender – he raises his left arm and begins to open the door, as if giving in to the robbers demands. This makes the robbers lower their guard somewhat. The victim simultaneously uses his right hand to reach for his gun.

2. The victim knows exactly where his gun is and how to get to it without needing to look – All the while the victim is looking directly at the assailants, watching them and as soon as he is able to bring his gun to bear he takes a fraction of a second to let off the first shot.

3. The gun is kept in a “ready” condition – This is important! Many people foolishly carry a gun, which is not ready to fire. When a situation develops, there is very little time to react. Having to rack the slide (to chamber a round) takes precious seconds AND requires the use of both hands. If the victim had carried his gun in this manner, things would have certainly turned out differently.

4. Criminals are cowards, they prey on the weak – As soon as the first shot is fired, the second assailant beats a hasty retreat. When the “easy target” starts throwing lead in their direction, he doesn’t even try to shoot back! He hightails it, leaving his partner to his fate.

5. The victim does not let his guard down – Even after one assailant is (clearly) down and the other one is running (away) as fast as he can, the victim stays alert and keeps his eyes on both.

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  • Rahul Pathania

    Respected Sir,

    I want to carry a gun, redy to fire round in a chamber.