Installing Ubuntu on M2N68-AM Plus board

It’s been more than a decade since I started using Linux on the desktop. During that time I’ve installed and used various flavours (Red Hat, Suse, Yoper, Vector etc.) before finally settling on Ubuntu.

I’ve never attained Linux “god” status, though I’m usually able to find my way around things – keep that in mind while reading this guide 🙂

In the past decade, Linux as a desktop operating system, as well as its built in driver support has matured considerably. In fact, I can’t even recall the last time I had to resort to any sort of hack or work around for a successful install.

Today was a little different. This install took a little tweaking, so thought I’d post what worked for me, in case anyone else faces similar problems installing Ubuntu on this motherboard.
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Mere Saamnewali Sarhad Pe [video]

To enliven this independence day, sharing a hilarious video by “Aisi Taisi Democracy”

Migrating from Pivot 1.x to WordPress

Since 2004 I’d been running the “Blog” section of this website on the Pivot 1.x platform, while the rest of my website used simple HTML pages. Over the years I’d regularly updated with each release – till the last available version Pivot – 1.40.6: ‘Dreadwind’. After that they moved to their next generation called PivotX. It’s a great little platform, running off ‘flatfiles’ (no need for a database back-end), fast rendering, etc. BUT I felt I’d be better off shifting the entire website on to a slightly better featured CMS and eventually zeroed in on WordPress.

The following is the process of how it got done, posted here in the hope that it would help out others.

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