Another excellent poster by Oleg Volk

citizens have a right to be armed
  • Aravind

    Hii sir, I read your articles about gun and India. That thought of yours really influenced me. You were right about Indian government attitude about guns, when developed countries like America have liberal attitude about arms, as a young man of India I was really motivated by your article. Even though I don’t have a gun or don’t know to use , I feel the proud ness of being a owner of a gun.

  • Ravi

    Look at the US and the problems it has with guns. The problem is now out of control because of the effective lobbying done by the NRA to ensure that they will have a endless supply of customers.
    Think twice before propogating such propoganda otherwise pretty soon YOU will have the blood of indian children on your hands.

    • batman

      you speak bullshit

  • Amar

    Hi Ravi, please look at the statistics, please consider the number of gun owners in America and the number of gun incidents happening. the number is very small. the general public including your self are getting carried away by media and forced to look through a narrow pipe. you might wGUNant to widen your views and look at the complete picture. How about the riots in which 1000 civilians die cause they are unable to defend themselve. how about the invaders from west coming and looting the temple and enslave indians. how about civilians of Leningrad picking up arms and defending their city and defeat German army. how about squealing like a pig and hiding head down in sack of hay while wolves run around doing their business. any answers ?