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  • Karthik

    I am very proud of you my Indian Brother to support Guns in the Indian Society. I live in the USA and am among the very few Indians in the USA that owns a firearm. I have been looked down by some of the fellow ignorant Indians where I live, they think that I support violence. I really do not understand the prejudice that lingers in the mind of a common Indian citizen. I freak out everyone when I tell/show the firearms that I own. Well enough said, when I think about moving back to India with my firearms, I just dread it. I need to know more about the Indian Firearm Laws. Again Mr. Singh I really proud of you.

  • Thank you Karthik! 🙂 I regularly face such people all the time 😛 The ignorance of people who talk about Gandhian values of non-violence is simply amazing! Ghandi was very much against Gun control and the kind of passive cowardice that such people try and hide behind their so called virtue of “non-violence”!! Gandhian non-violence was anything but passive and certainly not cowardice.

    Gandhi advocated non-violence but DID NOT preach cowardice, he said and I quote “I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence… I would rather have India resort to arms in order to defend her honour than that she should, in a cowardly manner, become or remain a helpless witness to her own dishonor.” Gandhi goes on further to state “But I believe that nonviolence is infinitely superior to violence, forgiveness is more manly than punishment. Forgiveness adorns a soldier…But abstinence is forgiveness only when there is the power to punish; it is meaningless when it pretends to proceed from a helpless creature….”.

    I could go on and on… 🙂 BTW, do check out – you will find several like minded Indians (and non-Indians) there. Some based in India and some from overseas.


  • jatinder singh

    I have read article in the newspaper about your programme i am really very impressed also I possesse indian ordinance .12boregun and I am really passionate about firearms.but onthe another way it is most expensive sport .bye for know

  • Thank you for writing in Jatinder, it’s always a pleasure connecting with a fellow pro-gunner. 🙂 Yep! It is an expensive sport and made even more expensive by the silly restrictions on imports of arms & ammo – put in place by our government!! 😛


  • Minu Varghese

    I like to know,the address of good Armoury shops(dealers) in india, please gave their address and phone no. if any body knows.thanks.

  • Minu, please take the time to visit – more specifically the “Yellow pages” section there, which has the names and contact details of Arms dealers from all over India.


  • gurunath, Hyderabad

    you have been doing a gr8 job. I wanted to have you in Hyderabad but for some or other reason not able to carry thins on. Will try to do something on this soon. You take care bud.


  • bikram

    at the outset, i take this opportunity to commend your blog & applaud its objective… having perused through the mile-long list of requisite forms (with considerable tedium, i might add) deemed mandatory to buy & thereafter carry a gun (with the added head-aches associated with ensuring the continued possession of the same tossed up in liberal measures as a generous bonus by our ludicrous bureaucracy), i am scared to death at the idea that if i am somehow able to tide over the current dissuasive faculties within & finally do decide to apply for a firearm and lo & behold, in the rare event of managing to successfully wriggle through the cumbersome & frustrating processes involved and winning the coveted license… the first & only thing i end up doing with it is ‘buy a gun, put it to my temple & boom!!!’ …err… ahem… a small voice within seeks to know if getting an exquisite replica will be equally arduous? … preferably a beretta… one that can scare hitler (that’s my wife by the way, just in case u conjured up images of nazi era) into submission…

  • Abhishek

    Hi Abhijeet, I am a fellow software engineer and currently in the USA. I am not as passionate about guns as the other people in this forum but seriously beleive in the right to self defence. I am thinking of buying a gun here in US and practice with it. Can I bring a gun from USA to India? What is the paperwork that I might need if I buy a gun outside India and carry it to India.

    Please help me buddy.


  • Indermohan

    Very sad to see shutdown

  • Jay

    Any hopes of a indianforguns Ver 2.0 ?

    IFG Nick “Velind”

  • George


    I would like to get gun licence. I was working as Security Officer and gun licence will help me in growth in my profession. Is there any way to get a gun licence for a security person?

  • rocky

    Hi,I am very happy the way you have given the information about gun laws…what i need to know is that i am citizen of India with a current gun licence and now i am living in Australia as a permanent resident of australia.I am not taking Australian citizenship because I am afraid that i have to loose my Arms licence in India.I haven’t asked anyone in my town regarding this and i have tried looking on the internet for this problem.So my main question is that Do I have to surrender my Arm licence if I take Australian citizenship or I can get my Overseas citizen of india card(people of indian origin when they take other countries citizenship) to keep the gun licence in india.At the moment my gun is securly deposited to autorised body for extra care.

  • Misha

    Is it possible to surrender a weapon and the license voluntarily. I am having kids and I do not want to keep the gun at home.

  • @ Misha – I assume by “weapon” you are referring to a firearm? A firearm is a tool, not a “weapon”. A “weapon” is any object combined with “intent to do harm”, whether for offence or defence.

    Anyhow, coming to your question – you can simply sell the firearm to any arms license holder or arms dealer. For this, first up negotiate an agreeable price with the prospective buyer, then give a written request to the licensing authority for “permission to sell”. This request must contain your arms license details, details of the firearm as well as details of the purchasers arms license or arms dealer license. Attach copies of both your license as well as the purchasers. Permission to sell is usually granted after the elapse of a 45 day notice period.

    Once it has been sold, if you do not purchase another firearm within the specified period, your arms license will lapse automatically.