Trip to Hisar

Just got back from a 3 day trip to Hisar
(also spelt Hissar). Had promised a few friends that I’d take them for some clay pigeon shooting but the timings never seemed to work out… So this trip had been due for quite some time now (sorry for the delay guys).

We departed from Delhi on Saturday around 2 PM. We were to leave a bit earlier but one of the guys got “the runs” (I won’t say which one) – I guess too much partying on New Year’s Eve 😉 We reached after dusk (it’s a four hour drive) dumped our bags at my uncle’s place and went straight to the fields. The next two days were spent shooting clays and offroading. I didn’t shoot much myself, but I quite enjoyed myself being the designated off road driver. Offroading is
another passion of mine but one that I don’t get much opportunity to pursue, living as I do in the city 😛

The tally of those who made it for the trip was Anand, Christopher, Dennis and Prashant. Christopher had shot a bit earlier, but the rest were all first timers. That said I was truly impressed by the maturity, restraint and diligent observance of gun safety shown by all four. I
have taken many newbies shooting but none have impressed as much as this bunch!  Great going guys!!

We took some time off on Sunday and decided to visit the ruins of an ancient city (dated about 3000 to 5000 years old depending on who you believe) at a place called Agroha. I’d mistakenly told the guys that these were the ruins of an ancient Harappan city (thanks for clearing that one up Dennis & Prashant).  Frankly, the ruins were less than impressive, partly due to the lousy restoration work done by the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) but mainly because they haven’t even excavated 2% of the ruins! This in spite of the fact that the ruins
were discovered way back in 1888-1889! We have so much of history in this country that I guess we just take our heritage for granted, not even caring about such priceless monuments.

We returned on Monday night, dog tired and dirty but I think I can safely say that everyone came away fans of the sport, and would want to do it again! 🙂