The Great Mouse Hunt

Returned home on Monday to find everyone in a tizzy about what seemed
to be a rodent infestation. Everything had been tried (mouse traps,
sprays etc.) and failed; so (as always) I was chosen to FIX IT!! Having
just come back from my trip to Hisar,
it seemed to be a bit of a let down to be designated the official
“Mouse Hunter” 😛  – but no one was willing to enter the kitchen
and I was hungry as hell! So I grudgingly got down to figuring out
where the little buggers were holed up… A little bit of investigation
revealed that the back side of the refrigerator was the most likely

So I dragged out the blasted machine, opened up the rear cover and started poking a mop handle into its dark innards.
After much prodding a nice sized brown mouse jumped out from behind and
was easily swatted, a little later his smaller brother met a similar
fate. Once I’d satisfied myself that there weren’t any more of them in
there, I vacuumed the damn thing. The stuff that came out could have
easily fed a Somali family for a year (OK OK lousy joke)! But really,
those little fellas had a pretty decent sized cache in there. No wonder
the mouse traps had failed, they were baited with crusty old rotis
(unleavened bread made Indian style, for the uninitiated) and from a
close examination of their hoard it seemed like they were living almost
exclusively on salted biscuits – talk about a food fetish!

Anyway, I finally got my dinner, may their souls rest in peace! BTW anyone
have an idea if those ultrasonic rodent repellents work as advertised?
I’d rather not have to go through all this trouble again… 😛

  • Tanita Sandhu

    Loved your anecdote! It cracked me up:)