I’m in "The New Gun Week"

The following article by yours truly was published in “The New Gun
Week” 10 Dec 2004 issue: “Gun Rights in Modern India: Colonial Roots of
Gun Control”. The original was posted by me here in October 2004.

The article can also be viewed in the Gun Week archives. Edit: The New Gun Week ceased publication in December 2011 and has been succeeded by The Gun Mag, archives are no longer available online.

  • Punniya Kumar

    Its a wonderful article proud to be an indian, especially i like the words ‘forgiveness is more manly than punishment’ i always follow-up this too…thanks for your post…

  • Alanna

    Your article is quiet amazing. Forgive a mistake is a great thing and also a difficult thing. It is a good message to everyone. I love to read your article. Keep it up!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Dear Abhijeeth, I have gone through your beautiful article about the Indian arms act and its different dimensions. It is said that in the black market, we will easily get guns but if we try for it through the proper channel it becomes a nightmare. So, my query is that can we approach the government to amend the ammunition law. Is there any way for that? I think all the citizens of India should have arms for self protections since there are lot of explosions and bomb threats. Even the miscreants are playing havoc in the public life. Goondas and Thieves are increasing in number. Highway robbery is stupendously increasing. Now what I see is that we dont have any security. So I think we all should possess arms for self protection.