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Hi, I'm Abhijeet Singh and this is my way of connecting with people who share my interests in eBusiness, Free/ Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS), the Internet, Gun / Firearm Rights in India and Shooting sports.

The "Articles" section focuses on eBusiness & FLOSS, while the "Arms & the Man" section is devoted to gun / firearm rights in India, Indian firearm legislation, gun advocacy & my favourite sport of skeet shooting. I have recently added my online journal/ "Blog" to this website as well.

On popular demand this site has been revamped - the new design focus was ease of use and less clutter. I'm going to make an effort to ensure that new content is added regularly. Three entire new sections - Firearms & Shooting, my Weblog and PC Modding have been added during this revamp. However, this website is a work in progress and you might come across some links that don't work, so please bear with me. All feedback is welcome, you may write to wwwadmin [at] abhijeetsingh [dot] com or simply use the "Feedback" form on this website.

All the material on this site can be downloaded freely and distributed widely, as long as you cite the work appropriately; Thanks for visiting.

» Abhijeet Singh in the News

May. 05, 2007
"Armed and Friendly"
-The Times of India

Sep. 16, 2006
"Trigger Happy"

Dec. 10, 2004
"Gun Rights in Modern India"
-The New Gun Week

Nov. 23, 2000
"The end of TV as we know it?"
-The Economic Times

» Abhijeet Singh in the news
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