Welcome to Abhijeet’s web site.

abhijeet holding a catfish
Abhijeet with a 9.5 kg Wallago Attu

Hi, I’m Abhijeet Singh and this is my way of connecting with people who share my interests in eBusiness, Open Source Software, Angling, Gun Rights, Libertarianism and Shooting sports.

The “Arms & the Man” section is completely devoted to gun rights in India, Indian firearm legislation & little bit about the sport of skeet shooting. I’d added my “Blog” to this website back in 2004, but frankly have not blogged here as much as I could/ should have.

After many years of running this site as a hybrid of static HTML pages (most of them) and a small CMS (Pivot) with flat files as a back-end (for the blog section), I’ve finally moved 100% to a CMS. The CMS of choice for this revamp:- WordPress, it’s open source (GPL), has a vibrant developer community and is fairly easy to set up. For details on the migration from Pivot to WordPress read the blog post here.

This website is a hobby of mine and a perpetual work in progress, so if you come across some links that don’t work, errors or omissions, feel free to let me know. You may do so by leaving a comment on the page/ using the “Feedback” form / write to me at wwwadmin [at] abhijeetsingh [dot] com. All feedback is welcome.

All the material on this site can be downloaded freely and distributed widely, as long as you cite the work appropriately; Thanks for visiting.

Gun rights in India, eBusiness, shooting, etc.